Watching the third episode of Pam & Tommy is like getting an aerial view of two trains rushing towards each other on the same track.

As "Jane Fonda" begins, Seth Rogen's Rand Gauthier has brought the sex tape he stole from Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee to his porn producer buddy Uncle Miltie (played by Nick Offerman.) The duo immediately begin trying to figure out how they can profitably distribute it.

Since they don't have a signed release from Anderson and Lee, even the shadiest of adult film industry companies reject them soundly. But after using a still very early version of the internet to help his ex-wife track down a hard-to-find plumbing part, Gauthier realizes they can sell the tape anonymously on the internet, funneling the money through Canada and the Netherlands.

Naturally, while seemingly taking this step forward, the duo also set a trap for themselves by borrowing $50,000 under extremely unfavorable terms from a gangster named Butchie, played by Andrew Dice Clay. As you can imagine, that's going to be a big problem in the future.

Meanwhile, still completely unaware of the public relations disaster headed her way, Lily James' Anderson is battling for more respect in her career. The press campaign for her first big leading movie role, Barb Wire, gets started while she continues to fight to be seen as more than just a jiggling object of lust on her hit TV show Baywatch.

Thanks partially to Lee's encouragement, she manages to get a big dramatic speaking part restored to the show, strong-arming the show's leering and dismissive producers.

The couple get even better news at the end of the episode, as Anderson is revealed to be pregnant. Everything seems to be clicking in place for the newlyweds... until we see the giant wall of video machines making copy after copy of their sex tape, which isn't going to be private for much longer.

Episode four of Pam & Tommy will air Wednesday, Feb. 9 on Hulu.

Best Scene: James is particularly terrific in the scene where Anderson talks to her publicist about idolizing and hoping to emulate Jane Fonda's acting and activism career. It's a dream she's seemingly been afraid to even share with anybody before.

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