We’re gonna be celebrating St. Patrick's Day all over the Old Port! If you plan on spending the afternoon in Portland, you’ll find us! Come hang out at any of our 4 spots and sign up to win a pretty sweet prize during our 2016 Half-K For St. Paddy's Day! We’ll toss you and 3 friends in a limo from our good friends at LA Luxury Limo in Lewiston and bring you down (and back) to the House of Blues in Boston to see the Dropkick Murphy’s! We figured outside of sending you to Ireland, this is probably the coolest place you could be in the US on St. Paddy’s Day. You can sign up at any of our 4 locations (Gritty’s, Pat’s Pizza, Binga’s, Old Port Tavern) but you MUST BE AT GRITTY’S AT 4PM if you want to win! 21+ only. WBLM will be broadcasting live from the Old Port Tavern from 3p-5p. See ya on the 17th!

Watch the Dropkicks on the Eastern Prom a few years back!

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