According to WGME, catching minors trying to pass fake IDs is going high tech with the "Age ID" app.  The app scans the barcode on driver's licenses and state IDs and pulls up information to let the retailer know if it is a legal ID and if it has been passed around or used suspiciously.

The app will be free to establishments serving or selling alcohol, who have had a problem with fake IDs in the past. The internet sells IDs that are so good, that it's are hard to tell that they aren't real. Selling to minors, even accidently comes with high fines to businesses and the threat of losing their liquor license.

The Maine Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations says that Maine is among the top twenty states for underage binge drinking. Much of that happens with the help of fake IDs.

Some people believe that the drinking age in Maine should go back to 18, what do you think? Comment on our Fan Page.

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