There was a very cool virtual fundraiser last night that honored Patriots superstar Devin McCourty.  McCourty was named the Boston Uncornered 2020 Champion of the Year. Boston Uncornered is a non-profit group focused on "engaging gang-involved youth to become positive leaders in the community and end generational urban poverty." There were a bunch of Patriots (and former Patriot) stars at the fundraiser including Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick. Robert Kraft kicked it off and made a $100,000 dollar donation to the organization in honor of Devin McCourty. The Kraft Family donation is part of a one million dollar pledge that RKK has made to social justice issues.

“We have to work harder and connect better to make this country better than it is,”  said Kraft



Here's Bill Belichick at the virtual fundraiser. Wait, is he smiling?! Yup, just like us, he loves Devin McCourty too! Belichick said of McCourty: Healthy discussion leads to actions, and actions that you have brought to the forefront have resulted in progress."

Are you looking to learn more about the Black Lives Matter movement and how you can help fight social injustice in America?  Keep watching what our New England sports teams do. They are setting pretty good examples!

The Red Sox have put out an amazing Social Justice Resouce Guide. In it you will find:

  • Critical Questions to ask yourself
  • How to Donate to worthy causes like Black Lives Matter and Campaign Zero
  • Places to learn more about this topic like the Antiracism Center and the NAACP
  • Who to call or text to advocate for change
  • Where to sign petitions
  • Spaces to honor Black Lives
  • Self-Care
  • Books, TV shows, movies, and podcasts to educate yourself
  • How to talk to your kids about racial injustice





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