The Pats traveled to West Virginia this week to practice an a ridiculously beautiful and super preppy and high-end resort call The Greenbrier. I guess it's just too damn hot in Houston to practice outside. The Pats will be in Houston on Saturday night and we'll have the game for you starting at 8pm. Here's our check in from camp this week brought to you by SIS BANK.

Brandin Cooks-having a great time!


Gronk making the kids of West Virginia happy!



Is it just me ot is it weird to see football players hanging out in this super high-end resort? 



On to some foorball. TB12 to Hogan. Looking goooooood..


Tom says hey....



Can you believe it? 21 Days away from Pats vs Chiefs...raising banner number FIVE and getting the season going for real. The Blimp will have every game for you again this year in 100,000 watt stereo. GO PATS!





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