Our heroes at the Mexico, Maine Fire Department picked a pretty wet night to do their annual Car Fire Traning. Yesterday was the wettest day we have has since June 29th. But as the Mexico FD said, "Accidents don’t care about the weather and neither do we!"  There are over 181,000 vehicle fires each year in the USA. Some are because of collisions and accidents but many are from bad wiring, fuel systems, and cigarettes.


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If you want to support the Mexico FD, please take part in this cool raffle they are doing right now!

The torrential downpour didn't seem to hinder the car fire or the spirits of the fire department! This is serious stuff. Do you remember the giant car fire at the rental car company in Florida earlier this year? 3,500 cars were destroyed!



Last night the Mexico Fire gathered at Andy Dupuis Towing and Salvage over on River Road and set a vehicle ablaze for training. Don't worry, Andy donated the vehicle!

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Thanks to the Mexico FD and all our brave First Responders from all over Maine for the amazing job you do for us every day. We salute you




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