This was no ordinary flight.

On Thursday, Boeing released footage of the 787-9 Dreamliner pulling off some stunning moves over Moses Lake, Wash.

The plane was practicing for next week's Paris Air Show and you can see the Vietnam Airlines aircraft completing an unusual takeoff. Pilot Patrick Smith said, "Some of what you're seeing on takeoff is a trick of perspective. It looks like the takeoff is at a near vertical 90 degree angle -- trust me it's not."

It may not be, but, boy, it will still take your breath away.

After the exhilarating takeoff, the Dreamliner then performs some banks and ascents, no doubt leaving aviation buffs salivating.

The Dreamliner was unleashed in 2013 and this video should serve as an appetizer for fans awaiting the next version -- the 787-10 is expected to start commercial flights in 2018.

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