Fryeburg Police Department would like some help finding the driver of a pickup truck that blew right through a crosswalk narrowly missing two children on Tuesday.

It amazes me everyday how few drivers will actually slow down when I'm waiting to walk across Spring Street here in Portland headed into work at BLM each day.

You're supposed to stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk, right?

Especially when they are kids headed home from school. The driver if this pickup in the video even plowed over a warning sign set up in the middle of the road. You can absolutely see this dangerously careless display thanks to a camera mounted nearby. Unbelievable!

According to the Fryeburg Police Facebook post,

"the driver of this Blue pickup truck traveling eastbound on Route 302 in front of Molly Ockett Middle School. On Tuesday 10-22-19 @ 10:47 am this driver failed to stop for the students in the crosswalk and drove over the crosswalk sign without stopping."

If you have any information call the Fryeburg Police Department, 207-935-3323.

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