Maine Police and Game Wardens are looking for anyone who has been hiking in the Pleasane Mountain trail system in the last week. Samuel Kern, 29 has been missing for almost a week. He was last seen in Portland on the 18th and told his family that he was going to go camping. He has not been seen since.

A press release from the Maine Game Wardens said:

On or about Sunday, September 20, a vehicle registered to Kern was observed at the Pleasant Mountain fire warden’s trailhead near 321 Warren Road in Denmark. That vehicle is a 2002 silver Toyota Highlander with Virginia plate number ULN5019. Game wardens are now focusing search efforts near Pleasant Mountain and the network of trails there.
Google Maps
Google Maps
Game wardens are seeking any information from hikers who might have seen Kern in the last several days on or near the Pleasant Mountain trail system to please report that information to Public Safety Dispatch in Augusta at (207) 624-7076.



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