I know they say we shouldn't feed our dogs people food. But that doesn't mean we always listen. It's very hard not to give in to them sometimes. They are family after all.

Here's a beautiful lab from Scarborough who has a seat at the dinner table with his owner, Paul Williams. The lab is very well behaved.

Paul feeds him blueberries as a reward for his table manners. You'd think they were steak slices. That's a Maine dog for sure.

A naughty dog would get right after it and plow through all of 'em. Not this good boy.

As his owner sings along with the music playing in the background, "I don't like, half the folks I love", watch as he politely waits for one more and gently paws Paul on the arm as if to say, please.

Dogs. We love them. And we like them too. They teach us how to be better humans everyday.

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