In the last few years, we have seen far too many restaurants close their doors.  The pandemic, followed by the economy, has really taken a toll on restaurants and bars across the country.

And, it looks as though Maine may have lost another one.  This closure was not due to economic hardship, though.  This closure, which will hopefully be very temporary, is because of a recent fire.

According to a report on the WMTW website, Ted's Fried Clams and Rockhouse Ice Cream in Shapleigh will be closed until further notice following a fire.

While we are not sure about all of the details of the incident, we do know that the owner had to be taken to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation.

At this point it is not clear how the fire started our how much damage was done to the business.

Our thoughts are with the owner the staff.  Hopefully, they are able to get things taken care of and open the business very soon.

One of the oldest restaurants in the State of Maine, the place has been serving the very small town of Shapleigh for over 70 years!

A post on the establishment's website says, in part:

Serving the freshest seafood since 1950, the Mavrakos Family have given all the locals and visitors the best food and amazing memories. That tradition will continue with the same recipes, several of the same staff and John and Theresa helping train all of the new staff to ensure the same quality you have come to know with Ted’s Fried Clams.

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