Jada Finch is a Portland nature illustrator and the owner of a sweet Etsy shop called, Home Tweet Home where she sells charming bird feeders!

clear bird feeder

This is from her shop:

"Imagine your neighborhood birds as feathered guests with this adorable visible feeder!
Featuring art by Jada Fitch, this all weather window watcher lures birds in for observation and conversation.
A lightweight and durable pop-up design with dinner set and room for fun.-Suction cups adhere to most surfaces
-Made with corrugated plastic
(Not for nesting, keep out of reach of pets and squirrels)"
 She's a very talented painter and illustrator, check out Jada Fitch's Facebook page.
I'm going to order one and put family pictures in the frames on the walls inside the feeder! Father's Day present for Papa?...

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