Move over craft beer, Maine has a new award-winning beverage (or I should say beverages).

Portland's Après, a craft seltzer and cidery, recently posted on Instagram about some very exciting news.

Après Drinks via Instagram
Après Drinks via Instagram

Just an extraordinary accomplishment for the local company. They're not just being recognized for one drink, but three. And not only that, in two completely separate categories.

The awards were announced recently by the San Francisco Spirits World Competition. Founded in 2000, the SFSWC is one of the largest and most respected drink and spirit competitions in the world. This is quite an accomplishment for anyone to win. So, it's certainly quite impressive for Après, especially since they're such a young company.

Après is located in East Bayside, an up-and-coming neighborhood in Portland.  Breweries and restaurant cover the area quite extensively.

The building is super unique. It feels like an old airplane hanger, with wide-open space and very cool nooks. There's also plenty of outdoor space for folks to enjoy their concoctions.

And when I say concoctions, I mean it. We're not talking about three ingredient seltzers. Après brings the creativity to ludacris speed.

Ingredients like pepper, ginger, green tea, lemon, herbs, every fruit imaginable, pine, tonic. It's a never-ending grab bag of taste bud explosions all wrapped up into unique flavors.

Then there's the other side, the cidery. Similar to the seltzer line, the cider includes unique styles like their award-winning white cider.

The two different styles have quite the popular combination for Mainers, and now it's award-winning.

To find out Après' hours or see what they have for take home cans, you can visit their website here.

And, congrats to them again. It's always great to see a small Maine company getting recognized for greatness.

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