The temperature at the Portland Jetport this morning was -1 degrees. That's the first time Portland has been below zero all winter. In Fryeburg is was 13 below! But these are warm temps compared to the top 10 coldest days in Portland History. The coldest ever was MINUS 39 DEGREES in 1939. Just to make you feel even colder, the record high temperature on this day (February 12) is 54 degrees. That was back in 1984.




This weekend looks cold but nice. Daytime highs in the 20's with wicked cold nights. When you think about it, once it gets below around 5 degrees does it really matter? I can't tell 10 below from 10 above...I'm just trying to get my car warmed up as quickly as possible!


We Mainers have a good attitude about New England Winters. It's an adventure that we try and get through every year. And the Summers are so amazing that somehow it erases or memory of how cold we really get in February.

Here's our bud Bob Markley on the long wintahs in Maine. Bundle up this weekend, friends!



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