I still remember my very first flight out of Portland Jetport. It was a flight to Newark, then on to Florida. It was on the now defunct People's Express. I was just 5 at the time, but still remember it vividly.

Ever since that day, I have had a fascination with aviation and its history, horrendous disasters, hijackings, space flight, and future. I ingest it all.

I have countless books, subscribe to numerous YouTube channels, and have even been known to veg out to the NASA Channel.

However, one thing I've never really seen much of is the history of Portland's airport. I did a little digging on Facebook and found this incredible page, "Portland Maine History 1786 to Present". The group has an extensive archive of images, postcards, and documents of Portland's incredible history. This includes about 40 images of the Portland International Jetport.

The photos range from the very beginnings in the 1920s to the "Golden Age" of air travel, to the 1950s-60s

Along with the innovation of airplane technology and airport security, the actual piece of land's evolution is a sight to see.

A hearty thank you to the crew at "Portland Maine History 1786 to Present," for allowing me to share these images. It's heartwarming to discover a great community of folks who care about preserving Portland's rich history.

I highly suggest checking out their vast image archive.

And please enjoy some incredible history of the Portland International Airport.

A Unique Look Back at the History of the Portland International Jetport

The Portland International Jetport has a vast history. And now, thanks to Facebook group, "Portland Maine History 1786 to Present," we have some incredible images to share.

You will see the early days of the Portland City Airport, through the "Golden Age" and up to the jet engine era. Its truly a unique look at the Jetport's history.

A big thank you to the folks from Portland Maine History 1786 to Present for allowing us to share these.

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