If you ever wanted a good excuse not to mow your lawn, this could be it.

The City of Portland along with communities across Maine and the country are participating in "No Mow May, by not mowing certain areas in the city during the month of May. Why would they so this? Well, there's some science behind it.

The town of Rockland is also participating in No Mow May and they say on their website that No Mow May was started in England as a way to allow pollinating insects such as bees to have more flowers for foraging. You've probably noticed if you put off mowing your lawn like I do, you get all kinds of flowers and other plant life cropping up. These are just what bees need when they wake up from their long winter naps.

Bees are slowly diminishing in numbers and they are crucial to our agriculture because of their ability to pollinate crops we use for food.

The City of Portland is doing its part by not mowing areas of grass in May at Deering Oaks Park, the Eastern Prom, the Western Prom, Fort Gorges, Ludlow Pond, North Street, Payson Park and Riverton Trolley Park.

That will create meadows ripe with flowers and plants that bees can pollinate.

If you want to help, you can do the same by keeping the mower in the shed during May.  That's good news for me since it gives me more time to get my mower fixed since it wouldn't start at the end of last season.

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