It goes without saying that Portland, Maine is always a pretty cold place in January when real winter sets in, but did you know it is also among the top 50 coldest cities in the country?

According to a blog published by the Huffington Post, Portland, Maine, is the 28th coldest city in America with an average low temperature of 18.8 degrees, which would feel like a heat wave with what forecasters are saying will be the coldest day of the week on Thursday with temperatures well below zero.

Believe it or not, Manchester, N.H., is the 23rd coldest city in the country with an average temperature of 17.6 degrees. For reasons unknown, Burlington, Vt., on the shores of frigid Lake Champlain, didn't make the cut.

Regardless of where Portland falls in this wicked cold survey, bundle up, dress in layers, drink plenty of water and stay warm everybody!