Did you know that axe throwing has become a competitive sport? In 2017 the World Axe Throwing League was formed and The Axe Pit at Clarks Pond in South Portland, in the former Cinemagic Grand building, are one of the founding members. People throw all different varieties of axes and blades at a wall, a little like darts, but much bigger!

With Halloween right around the corner, The Axe pit is getting in the spirit of the holiday with "Chop-Tober" and turning up the spook factor with zombie and pumpkin targets. If you really want to get your frustration out, throwing an axe at a zombie will do it, and also make you feel a little like Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead. 

To get you pumped to chop up some zombies, The Axe Pit made a fun video to promote the event that has Halloween's Michael Myers showing up and the Halloween theme music playing anytime they turn off the lights when closing up shop.

If you want to throw axes and zombies and pumpkins during The Axe Pit's "Chop-Tober" make your reservations now before they fill up. We've got a handy link for you below. Just tap that button to reserve your spot today.

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