I first remember seeing Andrea Martin in the late 70s doing sketch comedy on SCTV as Edith Prickley in her fabulous leopard printed outfit.  She is also famous for her roles in Wag the Dog and My Big Fat Greek Wedding among many other films. Andrea was born in Portland on January 15, 1947 and is Class of '65 at Deering High School. Her father, John Martin was also famous (around Maine anyway) as the owner of The Merry Manor and The Art Gallery restaurants. I should also note that her mother Sybil's maiden name was Manoogian. Andrea is a cousin to my sister-in-law's family. Maine is a small town, eh?

Now at 70, she's is more than ready for prime time. After like 50 years of working in comedy, Andrea Martin is starring in a new show on NBC called 'Great News'. It premieres tonight at 9.

Watch Andrea with Seth Meyers telling us more about Great News and among other things, revealing that she's not Canadian. But we old timahs from Portland already knew that.

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