So it looks like the city of Portland wants to do outdoor dining at least until January 4th, according to News Center Maine.

This past spring, when most of the state went into phase two of the lockdown, restaurants had outdoor dining to help offset the lack of income. And it looks like they will try and continue this outdoor trend for a few more months.

The city has been used as an example nationally as for what can be done during the pandemic.

In fact, one Mainer told NECN:

“It’s been a lifesaver for my neighbors and me,”

This is according to Jorgen Persson, a local bar owner, referring to the other restaurants and bars around him.

He also mentioned in the NECN article how they had broken records this past year for outside dining.

It will definitely be a challenge as heating lamps may not cut it in the temperatures that will come during the November and December season; nevertheless, Portland restaurants and bars prove to be up to the task.

What are your thoughts? Will, you be frequenting these places in the blistering cold?


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