The Portland Sea Dogs have had several alternate mascot games over the past few years. For one game, the Sea Dogs become something else purely Maine such as the "Red Snappers" after Maine's red casing hot dogs, or the "Bean Suppah's" named after the popular beans and hot dog suppers served to the community at fairs and churches in Maine.

The "Whoopie Pies" will return for another game this year at Hadlock Field and during that game they are hoping to break a record, that has nothing to do with baseball.

The Sea Dogs have teamed up with the folks at the Maine Whoopie Pie Festival and Wicked Whoopies, to try to break a Guinness World Record for the longest line of whoopie pies.

Homemade Whoopie Pies

I haven't been able to find the actual record through Guinness online, but it has to be lower than 2023, because that's the number of whoopie pies they plan to line up at Hadlock Field on June 9, when the Sea Dogs....sorry...Whoopie Pies take on the Akron Rubber Ducks.

The whoopie pies will be in a continuous line outside Haldock Field with different flavors of Wicked Whoopies' whoopie pies. After the record is broken, we hope, those whoopie pies will be given to fans at the game who can choose to eat them or preserve them as a piece of history. Nah. I'm pretty sure no one is going to be able to resist a whoopie pie. I bet all 2023 of them will be gone before the game is over.

You can learn more about this record-setting event on the Portland Sea Dogs website.

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