According to News Center Maine, former Uber driver Danny Darling has been fired by the company.

Darling says he was wrongfully terminated and has taken the matter to the Governor.

Uber claims they are having a "specialized team" investigate, the newspaper stated.

Darling told News Center Maine he was abused by riders when he insisted they wear masks, and he claims he was spit on, given the finger and that his car has been kicked and punched. He was willing to give up some business in order to stay healthy and began canceling rides when people weren't wearing masks.

As of June 1st Uber drivers were supposed to be protected by the company who established that riders agree, through the Uber app, to wear a mask, according to the news station. Uber also allowed that drivers could cancel a ride if the passenger was not wearing a mask. When canceling, drivers have an option button, "not wearing a mask".

Still, Darling was let go.

Uber cited "unsafe practices" and "problematic behavior" as reasons after irate riders complained, according to the news station. An Uber representative also told News Center Maine that Darling not having a job with Uber had "absolutely nothing to do with canceling trips on riders not wearing masks."

Darling was an Uber driver for two and a half years and said he thought the company would protect him while driving through the COVID-19 crisis, News Center Maine reported.

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