If you have ever seen Bob Marley or listened to one of his dozens of CDs, you know his mom Marcia. Bob talks about his family in so many of his routines. Bob posted the news of his mom passing on his Facebook page including a video of his mom from about 10 years ago talking about her dog's UTI and the plastic surgery required to fix the problem. As you listen to Bob tease his mom, you can feel the love.

Bob has been doing stand-up comedy since he was a kid in high school. He's even in The Guinness Book of World Records for “the longest stand-up comedy show by an individual” at 40 hrs of straight stand-up! He often talks about both his mom and dad in his routines. His dad, Robert Marley Sr. passed away back in 2004 at the age of 66. But truly it's the stories about his mom that Bob loves to share. Like this story from last year about his mom getting pulled over by the cops. His mom and sister were heading out for cream horns and a banana peel got them pulled over. His mom (according to Bob) was convinced they were going 'up river' for a long time.

Bob, we love you and through you, we love your mom. We loved when she would work the kiosk at the Maine Mall selling your CDs. We loved you would describe her working and pimping out her son. It's never ever easy losing your mom. We know your heart aches and we are thrilled she will live on to make us laugh for years to come.

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