We've got a Mainer in space. Jessica Meir is right now onboard the International Space Station. And she is going to be part of the very first all-female spacewalk this Friday at 7:50am.




Can you imagine doing a spacewalk? Here are some incredible, mind-blowing spacewalk facts for you:

  • Jessica will outside the ISS while it's going over 17,000 mph.
  • The temperature range could be anywhere from 250 degrees to MINUS 250 degrees. Hey, she's a Mainer, so she's used to THAT.
  • Jessica will have access to about 100 tools. I don't have that many in my tool shed!
  • It will take Jessica 45 minutes just to get her spacesuit on.
  • The record for a spacewalk is 8 hours 52 minutes.




You can watch the very first all-female spacewalk right here on Friday morning.


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