According to WMTW, a tradition continued at Andy's Agway in Dayton this Sunday with their punkin' chunkin' for charity event.

What do you do with all of those pumpkins now that Halloween is over? Catapult them of course. Sunday was a beautiful day for shooting pumpkins through the air at Andy's Agway on the Cole Farm Road in Dayton, where they set up two machines and a cannon to send the squashes flying.

Chunkin' is not new to Andy's, they've been jettisoning pumpkins through the air since 2003 when they introduced the "Dayton Destroyer". The machine actually malfunctioned and shot one pumpkin straight up into the air causing the crowd to scatter as it came back down. They've since worked out any kinks and now it travels to the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest every October where it is a huge hit.

Crowds were wowed by the punkin' chunkin' event that raised awareness and donations for the York County Shelter Program's Food Pantry and for the No Bowl Empty Pet Food Pantry. Monetary donations, non-perishable food and pet foods were collected.



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