Man, that must have been some kind of hunger!  You'll see this story all over the place today.

According to a story in the Union Leader, a Salisbury man was at Hampton Beach with his daughter and a seagull came around to try and steal his food, as those birds always do.  This guy claims that he didn't mean to harm the bird when he kicked it away from the tasty treats, but he did.  An onlooker said that it appeared the bird was having a hard time flying away.  As it turns out, the birds leg was broken.  GRRRRR!!!

Seagulls are protected birds in NH and the birds injury will cost this guy $124.00 in fines.

I'm not one to judge, (oh boy, here she goes....) but I don't think I would ever be that hungry that I would kick a seagull out of the way if it wanted my food, especially if I had my kid with me.  I know it's probably not doing the seagulls any good by feeding them people food, but it's part of the fun of going to Hampton Beach!  You have to fight with the birds for your burger and fries!


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