Maine is full of some pretty surprising and spectacular natural views and action. No matter where you travel to in the State of Maine you are bound to find something that is naturally occurring that will take your breath away, whether it be the pristine forest and waters of the Allagash, the rugged cliffs overlooking the Atlantic at Acadia, or views from atop the highest point on Mount Katahdin.

One spectacular thing to see is Maine's many reversing falls. There are several spots where you can witness this cool natural anomaly.

What are reversing falls?

The University of Maine has a great webpage full of information about Maine's reversing falls and states that reversing falls are a rare phenomenon that occurs at inlets where freshwater meets the ocean. They are also called 'tidal falls' and occur when the tides change during a day. Water from the ocean will start flowing into the inlet of a river creating a backflow of water that changes the flow of the river. What's key is that there is a narrow passage where the ocean water meets the freshwater of a river.

Another interesting thing about reversing falls is they are unique to Maine along the East Coast of the United States.

Where to go to see reversing falls in Maine?

There are many spots along the coast of Maine that feature these reversing falls. Here are the locations to check out to see reversing falls in Maine:

  1. Harpswell: Potts Harbor between Basin Point and Ash Point
  2. Sheepscot: Dyer River near Dyer Neck
  3. Newcastle/Damariscotta: Damariscotta River at Glidden Point (viewable from Newcastle/Damriscotta bridge)
  4. Cape Rosier: Goose Pond drains into the Penobscot Bay
  5. Castine: Bagaduce River drains into the Penobscot Bay, across from Holbrook Island Sanctuary
  6. Blue Hill: Blue Hills Falls -  Salt Pond flows into Blue Hill Bay
  7. Sullivan: Sullivan Harbor near Falls Point
  8. Pembroke: Cobscook Falls, easily viewable from Reversing Falls Park.

Best time to see reversing falls in Maine

The best time to see these reversing falls is to be there when the tides change, which occurs twice a day. There are King Tides that could be an optimal time to check out these reversing falls in their most dramatic fashion. Check out the tide forecast and times to expect them at

Happy viewing and get some video up on YouTube because there are far more reversing falls to capture here in the State of Maine that aren't online for everybody to check out.

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