On the eve of New England Patriots Training Camp, the very first response from Coach Belichick at his press conference on the subject of the starting QB should really stoke the fires of speculation. The Newton/Jones controversy begins again!

Denver Broncos v New England Patriots
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But the quote itself, if read without the knowledge of the irritated mood of the person who uttered those words, speaks volumes.

Context is everything when you try to predict the moves that will be made this season.

Last year's 7-9 record with Newton at the helm is the worst season this franchise has gone through in twenty years.

Mediocrity from the Quarterback position will not be tolerated for long. Especially since the Pats have spent megabucks in the offseason to greatly improve their roster.

Also, the Patriots spent their 15th overall draft pick at that position. This fact should also dictate that sticking with a struggling Cam Newton won't be a long term strategy either.

I think this whole scenario is a WIN/WIN. If Newton's shoulder finally recovers and the Pats offensive scheme clicks, GREAT!

But if the offense looks just like it did last year, rev up The Mac Attack!

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