This is the one who got away; from many fisherman and for many years.

Behold a true behemoth, weighing in at a record shattering 37 pounds and setting a regional record for lake trout, according to WGME. The last record was set back in 1958.

Thomas Knight of Meredith, New Hampshire, is a seasoned lake trout angler who fought a long, hard battle with the beast that he caught while ice fishing at Big Diamond Pond in West Stewartstown, New Hampshire.

How he even got it up through the ice must be a story. This bad boy is 9 pounds bigger than the last record holder, according to the news station. Looks like Thomas caught the Nessie of Big Diamond Pond.

Knight knew he had something fantastical, but only suspected that he might have set a record, so he called the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

Biologist Andy Schafermeyer showed up to inspect the gargantuan fish but the trout exceeded the scales 30 pound limit, WGME reported, and Thomas was psyched. They brought the fish to a packaging distribution center that had a bigger certified scale and discovered that the fish actually weighed 37.65 pounds.

This is officially the largest trout ever caught in New England, according to the news station. This old guy had a long run and it's estimated that he's between 50 and 60 years old.

WGME reported that the massive trout measured 40 inches in length with a 27 inch girth and once again, weighed a stunning 37.65 pounds. That's a lot of fish stew.

The last time I went fishing I discovered a deer carcass and also fell into the water. As I said, that was the last time I went fishing.

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