Survivor has aired for 23 years since 2000, according to a Parade article. With more than a handful of accolades and awards, and a four-time Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Reality Host, the series has completed 41 seasons, 609 episodes, and are not stopping any time soon, according to Parade.

I mean, who HASN'T seen Survivor?

Whether you "fell off" the bandwagon or not, at some point in your life (maybe still today), you found yourself on the couch solo or with your family hushing each other because a tribal council was on.

It was a Wednesday night ritual. And your emotions were a rollercoaster, from the immunity challenge to watching Jeff Probst put out the tiki of whoever was voted off.

People on this show are like celebrities. I mean, who doesn't remember Boston Rob?

Yankees v Red Sox
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The guy is a local legend in New England. You can't walk near him without people asking him for a picture or talking about the show.

Recently, season three winner Ethan Zohn was spotted in New Hampshire.

Well, not necessarily spotted. He showed the world he was fishing in the Granite State by sharing a Facebook post.

According to a Survivor fandom website, Zohn is "originally from Lexington, Massachusetts," and currently lives in New York City. He was a professional soccer player, and a goalie for the Highlanders Football Club (Zimbabwe), Cape Cod Crusaders (Cape Cod, Massachusetts), and Hawaii Tsunami (Oahu, Hawaii), according to the website.

With nearly B-list celebrity status, being on a canoe in a lake sounds like a pretty solid plan.

Hope you caught a few!

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