It looks like we might get a little snow here at the tail-end of our week. No biggie- "more decorative than impactful" says Matt Hoenig at WMTW.  Certainly not the kind of storm we had 9 years ago in Maine. The Halloween Nor'easter of 2011 was a doozy! I remember taking the kids out trick or treating in snow boots. And in total darkness, as all the power was out in our neighborhood. Did that stop us from going out and going house to house? Of course not! Only a global pandemic would ever do that. Oh, wait a minute...

This was wet and heavy and that's what caused all the power outages. That and the 77 mile per hour winds! This was a BLIZZARD. 3 million people were without power.  Maine got at least a foot of snow. Some places in the Northeast got 30 inches! Trick or Treat indeed.

No big deal with this storm coming. IN Maine we call this a "warning shot."


Here's the snow map from the Halloween Storm of 2011. SHOCKTOBER!




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