For some, an arcade represents a cherished memory of their youth. For others, arcades are still a huge part of a day out, experiencing competition and comradery with friends and family. The bad news is, arcades are getting harder and harder to find these days. The good news, the largest arcade in the WORLD is located right in New Hampshire.

It's called FunSpot, and it's been a Laconia, New Hampshire institution since 1964 when founder Bob Lawton wanted to provide the community with something new and fun to do. Before he knew it, FunSpot grew to include more than 300 classic arcade games. Expansions brought in new attractions, like a 20 lane candlepin bowling alley, an indoor mini-golf course and a restaurant/tavern. Today, FunSpot boasts more than 70,000 square feet of family-friendly entertainment. Thats incredible.

FunSpot received the designation of being the largest arcade in the world from the Guinness Book of World Records and proudly boasts of their accomplishments. And that Bob Lawton guy? He STILL works at the business he helped create.

FunSpot is open year-round, closing only on Christmas Day. Hours vary depending on the day. But if you're a video game lover and want to spend a day sucked into a whole different world, this may be a destination you're looking for. Enjoy.

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