Most people have a body part that they aren't particularly happy with. That's not my problem. You see, I am unsatisfied. It's not a cosmetic thing. It's something awkward and a little's size. The size of my hands. I know, it's not the first body part you would have guessed, but hear me out. When I put up my rock horns at the Whitesnake show my itty bitty fingers looked silly. They try so hard! I was surrounded by robust fingers pointed toward the heavens and just rocking out! Mark even suggested nail extensions to make them appear longer! I'm a Rock Girl with teeny tiny hands, it's sad. Will passion for my favorite bands at live shows go unnoticed because of my toddler size fingers? This is not the only area of my life where my little hands let me down. Reaching guitar strings hurts, carrying big stuff is hard, They are too small to support a handstand! OK, I made that one up. Still, they would be so much more useful if they were say...30% larger. I actually notice the size of other women's hands. I'm the girl who is always asking people to put their hand up and compare sizes. It's stupid, but size does matter.

Do you have a body part that you wish was bigger or smaller? Keep it clean. Unless you can't- then be discreet. Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #sizedoesmatter.

Rock on.


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