Which rock stars are celebrating birthdays in February?

It may be the shortest month, but February is long on rock stars celebrating their birthdays. Do you share a birthday with a rocker?

There sure is a lot of talent who count February as their birthday month. The original shock rocker, Alice Cooper, will blow out the candles again in February. And once upon a time, the sweet child Axl Rose entered the world ready to kick up a ruckus.

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong and Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins were actually born on the same date back in 1972.

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You've also got a pair of Journey members, a pair of Guns N' Roses members, two Sublime members and a pair of onetime Slipknot bandmates.

Have a look below to see which rock stars are celebrating birthdays in February.

Rock Stars Celebrating Birthdays in February

See who's blowing out the candles this month.

Gallery Credit: Chad Childers, Loudwire

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