When I first saw in the news that Portland was getting a cannabis museum, I was intrigued by the mere fact that it was, well, a museum for cannabis. After looking more into it, I quickly realized there are way more important things to be excited about than just the weed aspect.

The Core Social Justice Museum in Boston

The museum coming to Maine is already up and running in Boston and gaining a lot of traction as a free museum. Not only are people drawn to the cannabis part but the non-profit museum is focusing on social justice issues while taking active steps to be part of the solutions.

The museum, Core, is related to one of Portland’s newest cannabis dispensaries, Seed, and will be right next door at 555 Congress St. The new spot, tentatively opening up this winter, will focus on the cannabis cultivation process while also accommodating art shows, live music, and local creatives.

The exhibits are immersive and focus on a range of cannabis-related topics, specifically how prohibition has affected the cultivation. You can get an idea of what it will be like based on the one that’s up and running right now in Boston.

Women Ownership & Diverse Investor Base

With such a strong emphasis on social justice, the company is putting action behind words by operating on a largely diversified investor base. As MaineBiz shared, the Seed cannabis store’s investors are 81% people of color and 72% women. The investor base is also made up of people who have spent time incarcerated due to the war on drugs. That is incredible!!

It always makes me a little sad when we get so excited about these things because it should just be normal, not having merely white cis men running everything, but it’s still something to celebrate even though it should be seen more often.

Check out the exhibits at the Boston museum to get excited for what’s coming soon to Portland.

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