Mainers are putting together some incredibly creative and touching tributes to the class of 2020. Members of Maine's RSU 10's Buildings, Grounds and Transportation Department created a wicked special memory for their graduating class, by using buses.

It looks like someone got excited and turned out some ueys. Ok, I have to share with you that I had no idea how to spell that word so I had my assistant, Mark, look it up for me. He looked it up on Wicktionary. The translation was, u-turn, but it also said, "You can also see "Flip a Bitch". Oh my.

Look at those tire marks though, I didn't know a school bus had moves like that.

2020 class tribute

RSU 10 includes the towns of Buckfield, Hanover, Hartford, Mexico, Roxbury, Rumford and Sumner. I'm sure they are all feeling properly adored after this amazing showing. I have a difficult time parking my car on Congress Street, these drivers are fo' sure professionals. Is one of them a marching band director? Can they choreograph a synchronized swim routine for me and my girlfriends?

As if the bus thing isn't completely extra and over the top, the crew also held up letters to express their heartfelt good wishes and love for the RSU 10 Graduating Class of 2020.

We Heart Our Seniors signs

I'm putting every person on the staff of the RSU 10 Buildings, Grounds and Transportation Dept. on my Christmas card list because I know they'll give me an amazing birthday next year. It's August 25th in case anyone wants to keep track.

This video is a tangible memory that all the grads and their families will be able to watch for years to come, and to remember the extreme measures that were taken by kind-hearted people to make this time in their life extraordinary.


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