John and Leanne have been planning to travel the country with their kitty Arya. In Falmouth, she decided to make a run for it.


Usually, lost cat stories are common and you never know the ending to the countless fliers you may see in your day. I know when I see a flyer for a lost pet, I'm sad for the owner, but I usually can't help at all. But Arya, she was lost in my neck of the woods and I thought...gee, maybe I can help with this one.

Paula Sorrentino

I noticed Arya was missing when I went out to dinner at Orchid Thai on Route One in Falmouth. There was a truck with a camper in the parking lot. Someone said that they had been there every night since they ate dinner one night. Arya escaped the camper and their world was turned upside down.

John is a sea kayak guide in Castine and his girlfriend is a second-grade teacher in Colorado. They are moving to Colorado at the end of October...but certainly not without their Arya.

Paula Sorrentino

They wanted to travel a bit and climb, hike, snowboard - and just see what life offered before they settled on a place to raise a family. But they had already started a family with their little adventurous Arya, who loves the beach. Without her, they just couldn't leave. So, John would bring the camper back to Orchid Thai and set out food and hope for the best. Word started traveling throughout the area of this sweet lost kitty. Lots of us put out food - but it wasn't until last night that John's mom contacted me and told me the good news.

Paula Sorrentino

Arya had traveled down Route 88 to The Colonial Village where someone had her. She is now safe and sound and ready for the next adventure. John, Leanna, and mom Paula just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to look for this tiny little kitty that means the world to a couple just starting their new life together.


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