As the school year closes down many celebrations have had to take place outside and at a safe distance. My sister happens to live down the street from Young Elementary School in Saco. Danielle heard a commotion outside and went to check it out, she sent me a couple pictures and told me how sweet the parade was.

To celebrate the end of the very unsettled school year of remote learning Young School held a parade for their students. Cars were decorated, music was playing and good wishes were shouted through open windows. I'm sure it was emotional for the teachers , students and parents to all see each other.

Parade car
Danielle Cote

Later in the day virtual dance parties were held for each grade, I wish I had seen that.

I loved growing up in Saco. It is a sweet, charming Maine town with a beautiful Main St. and it has everything from pastures to beaches. It really feels like a hometown. I remember having  creative teachers and spending time outside during music and art classes. I loved my teachers and I knew that they cared, It's nice to see that nothing has changed.

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