Oh, man. This is a wicked bummer to hear on a dreary Tuesday. Yes we need the rain. We just wish this news wasn't coming down on us today along with it.
A friend just sent me a text saying that they saw in their Facebook news feed that the Holy Donut location at 7 Exchange Street in the Old Port is closing.

According to a heartfelt post from the Holy Donut page, we only have one more week to grab their one-of-a-kind Maine potato based delicacies to enjoy while strolling on the cobblestones.

There's a history of people flocking to this location from near and very far. There have been many a time that I've spotted long lines of folks patiently waiting for their favorites fresh out of the oven.

It makes us sad to know we'll be saying goodbye to our neighbors down the street from us here at One City Center. But we'll take heart knowing we can still go to Park Avenue in Portland and the Scarborough shop on Route One.

Thank you Holy Donut for years of yummy fun on Exchange Street. The Old Port will miss you dearly.


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