The Propane Gas Association of New England is passing along some safety tips to Mainers who are choosing to deep fry their turkeys this year, and there are a lot of you!

  • Make sure that the fryer is on flat ground to keep the oil level and ensure safety.
  • Set up the turkey at least ten feet away from your house and make it an off limits area to pets and kids.
  • NEVER leave a fryer unattended!
  • Monitor the temperature and be cautious when touching the fryer lid and handle, they can get hella-hot!
  • Prepare for the worst by having a fire extinguisher ready at all times in case the oil ignites. Make sure that you have the correct extinguisher, multi-purpose, dry powder.
  • Oil and water DO NOT mix! Dry that turkey off very well before dipping it in oil. Extra water will make the oil angry and boil over, that can cause a fire.

Deep frying turkey has become very popular but every Thanksgiving accidents are reported associated with it, be safe out there!

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