Last week, many people in Lewiston were surprised to see a closed sign on the door of Sam's Italian restaurant on Main Street. This is the original store where Sam Bennett made his famous Italians and became so popular that his company opened stores all across Maine.

The restaurant has been a landmark on Main Street since it opened 83 years ago and many customers have questions about the decision to close the flagship location.

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After reporting on the closing last week, and posing the same questions in that article, I received an email from Sam’s representative Johnathan Young with a statement about the decision to close:

When Sam's Italian became employee-owned, we made a commitment to provide value to our employee owners and continue to serve our community. Our 488 Prospect Avenue, Rumford location was unfortunately closed due to a non renewable lease. With rising food costs and factors outside our control, we have made the tough decision to close our 268 Main Street, Lewiston location. We have offered employment at other nearby Sam's locations to every affected employee owner.
This decision enables us to provide the same level of service you’ve come to trust from our 11 other locations, including five others in the Lewiston Auburn area, and remain locally owned and operated for decades to come.
We're glad to hear that the employees of the Main Street store will be offered work at other stores and with five Sam's located in the Lewiston-Auburn area, that should be an easy transition.

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