With remote learning, you would think that would be the end of snow days - nope.


Scarborough's Superintendent sent out a message about Snow Day Protocol.

Scarborough Schools

Yay!!  Thank you Sanford Prince IV (by the way, best name ever - most certainly could be in an Avenger movie). This is a great storm to be out in. Bundle up from head to toe and just play. Maybe find a hill and grab the sled and test it out. Or grab some snow shoes. Watch the dog really get into the awesomeness that is a first big snow storm. Measure the GIANT drift in front of your sidedoor.


Scarborough is not alone. It appears that schools across Maine are embracing the snow day. With this year being...this year - it's nice to know that the tradition of wishing, hoping and then enjoying a 'snow day' is still a thing.

Grab your boots and sled, but NOT your laptop!



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