According to, we finally have a definitive answer to a question that we've been discussing for years, "Is it better to shower in the morning, or at night?"

There are lots of things that science could be spending time on, this isn't one of them. That said, a group of New York doctors have come to a decision to settle the topic of showering, night time is best!

Reasons to shower at night:

  • It reduces the hormone cortisol, which regulates stress, sugar levels and helps you fight infections.
  • An evening shower regulates your body temperature before bed and helps you fall asleep, as long as you shower 90 minutes before bedtime.
  • You wash away the ick of the day. All the oils, dirt, make up, allergens, germs and grime you've picked up go down the drain. A night time shower also helps you shed dead skin cells.
  • Muscle tension melts away under the warm spray.
  • Someone else might pick up from dinner while you're in the shower. OK, the experts didn't put it on their list, but it's true.

Some people, like myself, can't function without a morning shower. During the summer I usually take a quick shower before bed and again in the morning. As long as the water isn't hot and you aren't using harsh soap that strip your natural skin oils, that should be just fine.

When do you shower? At night, or in the morning? Comment on our Fan Page.

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