Have you seen the construction on the corner of Portland Street and Route One in Yarmouth?


That's the intersection you would take to go to the Yarmouth High School. But right on that corner is a sort of odd-looking construction project.


It is a narrow building and it looks like there will be multiple units.


I had no guesses as to what it could be, so I asked a couple of the construction guys hanging out. Both said that it's going to be apartments. Wowzer. Super close to Route One and the railroad tracks. From what I understand, those tracks don't see a lot of train action - but still. Wicked close.

Not only apartments, but on one end (the right end of the structure) they said a cafe might go in. In the front, there will be a small park with benches. No, they aren't itty bitty apartments - they are building up 'three to four floors'.

Hmm. That's an awful lot going into a pretty small space. One thing that was in question was, where will people park? They weren't too sure on that one. No word on what kind of apartments will be offered. No clue if they are affordable, or pretty expensive. Nowadays, isn't everything pretty expensive?

Keep an eye out on this odd building in Yarmouth and what it will become!


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