One of my favorite television shows of all time ran from 2001 to 2010, it was Scrubs. If you're looking for a binge watch, this is a good one. The dramedy series followed a group of interns at the Sacred Heart Hospital, which was a learning hospital like Maine Medical Center.

Zac Braff played the lead character, Dr. J.D. Dorian. J.D. narrated the show, which usually revolved around his trippy daydreams. It was hilarious, and sometimes truly touching. After all, working in a hospital is serious business.

This clip shows how quickly and easily infection is spread through the hospital, and it's a great reminder that we need to all be aware that the most innocent or well-meaning touch could be harmful and even deadly to another person. You could be asymptomatic or not yet showing symptoms after exposure to someone who has Coronavirus, but you would still be contagious.




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