Typically its not a good thing when there's ice on the sidewalk. However, the town of Belfast has volunteered to add the slick stuff. No worries, though. The ice will be in the form of art.

The 2nd Annual Belfast Ice Festival is nearly upon us. The three-day event kicks of on Feb 25, with events throughout the weekend, including the 1st Annual State of Maine Ice Carving Championships on Feb 26.

The Bangor Daily News describes the the Ice Carving Championship as a way for spectators to truly get a sense of this amazing performance art, by witnessing the carvers and teams compete.

According to the rules, carvers get a single block of ice to work on. They also have to bring their own tools. The winner gets to be crowned as the first ever Maine Ice Carving King. Not a bad title, if you ask me.

Ice carving won't be the only highlight of this extraordinary festival. The downtown will be decorated with loads of ice sculptures. Numerous ice bars will also be set up for refreshments. The very popular rail trail will even be illuminated.

There will also be ticketed events, like the "Taste of Belfast" on Feb 25, and a showing of 'Ice Age' on Feb 26. Our Town Belfast has the entire calendar available on its website.

It's great to see the Ice Festival back for a second year. It's obvious the coastal town embraced the idea in year one, and the growth is noticeable.

Hopefully we will see more events like the Ice Festival and the upcoming, Carnival ME. It gives people more opportunity (and motivation) to enjoy Maine's wintery months, even if snow recreation isn't their thing.

Best of luck to the ice carving competitors. I can't wait to see the finished work.

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