Raising a family is hard. No doubt about that. I haven't done that yet, however, I admire my parents and those of my friends who are beginning to raise their own family in front of my eyes.

Raising a family in certain states is easier than in others. There are many factors that go into raising a family: safety, job prospects/security, state education, healthcare, entertainment and youth programs for kids, etc.

"To help people find cities with the perfect combination of those factors, WalletHub compared the 50 states across 50 key indicators of family-friendliness," according to a WalletHub article. "Our data set ranges from the median annual family income to housing affordability to the unemployment rate."

New England states CRUSHED this study, and one New England state ranked the #1 state to raise a family.

Source: WalletHub

That state was Massachusetts.

Massachusetts (#1 overall) ranked #1 in child care and education, ranked #3 in affordability, #5 in health and safety, and #9 in family fun.

Maine was the next New England state on the list coming in at the #6 spot. Maine ranked #3 in health and safety, #4 in child care and education, and #22 in affordability. Their only hiccup was the family fun ranking.

Maine was ranked #45 for family fun. Which I disagree with wholeheartedly. Granted, if camping, being outdoors, farming, etc., is not part of family fun, sure. Makes sense.

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New Hampshire was next for New England states, right behind Maine, in the #7 spot. The Granite state was #2 in health and safety, #8 in child care and education, #23 and in affordability. Similar to Maine, the 603's demise was the #39 ranking in family fun. Which I disagree with entirely.

Rhode Island and Vermont followed in the #9 and #10 spot respectively.

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