Like the Pointer Sisters and Van Halen, this truck sure can jump.

Gregg Godfrey made history after he set the record for longest jump by a semi-truck last weekend during Evel Knievel Days in Butte, Mont.

Godfrey’s vehicle soared 166 feet, which is amazing since he says he was aiming to make it 140 feet. The old record was a pitiful-by-comparison 62 feet.

Not only is the jump remarkable, but so is the fact Godfrey managed not to hit the building he looks like he’s going to ram into after landing. And kudos for keeping the truck from tipping over. That looks like it may have even been more difficult than the jump itself, consider the vehicle’s speed, width of the road and the fact he pulls a 180.

Is there any doubt Godfrey is the best driver you’ve ever seen?

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