Looks like Maine may be getting some severe thunderstorms this evening. We have warnings from two of our most trusted sources, The National Weather Service in Gray and from the ultra-talented Charlie Lopresti from WGME Look for the rain to pick up after 5 pm and then thunderstorms to happen between 6 pm and 10 pm. Batten down the hatches! Hey, we absolutely love a good thunderstorm...as long as we know it's coming and we can prepare!


Here's the map from NWS in Gray


And Charlie's map looks pretty foreboding as well.


If you've lived in a place where the humidity really skyrockets, then you know that Maine is pretty lucky when it comes to a whopper of a thunderstorm. I used to live in Texas and when we had big thunderstorms you would have thought it was the end of the friggin' world! Hey, I'll take the kinder and gentler storms of Maine! Be careful out there!





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