Two things are no longer up for debate, the Old Port is constantly under construction with something new and Portland, Maine is now a destination for beer lovers. Shipyard Brewing decided the time has come to capitalize on the business boom by unveiling a plan to transform their current brewery and tasting room in Maine's very first "brewtel".

Via Archetype Architects

According to the Portland Press Herald, Shipyard would take the 2 acre lot they currently own in downtown Portland and completely redesign it. The idea would be to take the current brewery building and tasting room and tie them together. Shipyard's tasting room was just recently renovated, so there would be only minor changes. But it's the bottling plan also on site that would be seeing its final days.

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The destroyed bottling plant would make way for multiple new projects, including the brewtel. Shipyard ambitiously hopes to build 105 room hotel, complete with a tasting room on the first floor, and room service that includes pints of its signature offerings. Not only that, Shipyard wants to create its own television station where guests could learn the ins and outs of beer making.

The remaining space on the 2 acre lot would be turned into office and residential space and a much needed 360 vehicle parking garage. The price tag for this massive overhaul? A cool $65 million bucks.

The City of Portland would still need approve all the plans Shipyard has and a construction project of this magnitude could take years to complete. However, if approved and completed, Shipyard would have the largest "brewtel" in the country.